Women’s Health & Fitness Day

September 25th is National Women’s Health & Fitness Day, focusing on the importance of regular physical activity and routine check-ups for women, and to educate women on the facts they need to make smart health choices and take control of their health.

We’ve compiled a list of some fun, easy ways you can take control of your health this month:

  • Try a new sport or exercise – Always wanted to try spinning? DO IT!
  • Eat superfoods – Broccoli, apples, and turnips, to name a few, can help you lose weight, fight colds, and improve heart health.
  • Power nap – Sleep is very good for your heart, mind, and weight.
  • Stay hydrated – If you find it hard to get 8 full glasses of water a day, try infusing your drinks with fresh citrus for a burst of flavor.
  • Toast squash seeds – Autumn is here, and squash is everywhere. Seeds are rich in iron, fiber, and zinc.
  • Get a massage – Stress takes a toll and can lead to weight gain, hair loss, and unstable blood sugar.
  • Eat some chocolate – Yes! Dark chocolate has many health benefits so have at it, in moderation, of course…

If you do all or some of the above tips, just take time for yourself this month.  You deserve it!