What Is The Right Hormone Dosage for My Body?

Your hormone dosage needs to be unique to your own individual needs. One size does not fit all. The right prescription for you may be too much or too little for someone else. That’s why the standardized doses of pharmaceutical hormone replacement drugs do not make any sense at all. Everyone’s body chemistry and metabolism are different. What makes your metabolic process unique is a combination of things – the health of your organs, systems and glands, your genetic makeup, the medications you take, foods and liquids you regularly ingest, your stress and activity levels, and the list goes on. How you personally metabolize hormones will make all the difference in which hormone replacement dosage will benefit you the most.Couple hikers in high mountains


How do you know what’s right for you?

Hormones need to exist in proper amounts so your body can work like it is supposed to. Hormonal balance is a delicate thing to achieve using BHRT. It requires a precision method that is customized to work specifically for you. Many physicians still use guesswork to prescribe standard doses of dangerous, side-effect laden synthetic hormones. Their experiment is based on eliminating symptoms. It has nothing to do with treating your overall hormone deficiency or supporting your long term health.

Where do I start?

What you really need is to see a practitioner who understands:
1) the vital part played the hormone delivery method
2) the importance of proper testing, correctly interpreting the results, and prescribing the right amounts of key hormones that are missing
3) that the hormones must be exact matches for human hormones (bioidentical) in order to do their work

Likewise, to restore hormone balance, the method must be one your body recognizes and can work with; is capable of delivering hormone directly into your blood stream 24/7 for months at a time; and is both safe and effective for the long term. In fact, the goal of beneficial BHRT should be to both eliminate your symptoms and restore your body to hormonal balance.

SottoPelle® BHRT

This is precisely what we do at SottoPelle®. Our SottoPelle® Method is scientifically based and precision executed to create hormonal balance around the clock for months at a time. Using our proprietary pellet implant method, we treat your individual hormone needs with custom-compounded, low dose, bioidentical estradiol and testosterone. This method is proven safe and effective and is the only method capable of responding to your body when it needs more hormone.
Call us today for a consultation and join the thousands of others who have said goodbye to hormone deficiency and regained their lives with SottoPelle® BHRT.