Staying Active in Cooler Weather

Autumn is upon us, and with that comes Pumpkin Pies, Apple Ciders, Halloween Candy, and Thanksgiving feasts. Staying healthy and active as the weather cools can be a bit more difficult so we’ve gathered some tips to help you stay fit as the days get shorter.
• Walk the Mall. Shopping Malls are a simple (and free!) way to get your steps in and be protected from the elements.
• Join a Health Club. If it’s in the budget, choose one close to home or work so you’re more likely to use it. Try to find a club that has classes or indoor teams like yoga. And if the club has an indoor pool, even better! Swimming is great for building stamina.
• Create a Home Gym. If health clubs aren’t for you, build one! Invest in some practical, easy to use equipment, and toss in some DVDs with instructors to show you some new moves.
• Don’t Forget Your Chores! Vacuuming, shoveling, laundry… they may not be exercises in the traditional sense, but they certainly keep you active and count toward being fit.

Set goals, invest in weather-appropriate gear, and enlist some friends to help keep you accountable! Your body, and your mind, will thank you!