There are several ways of providing the human body with the vital hormones which your body lacks, these methods include creams, suppositories,  injections, patches or placing hormones in the form of  tiny pellets (Testosterone and Estradiol) under the upper layer of your skin. At Advanced Hormone Solutions, we practice the pellet method, since their introduction in the 1930s, hormone pellets have become known as the safest and most effective form of hormone replacement available. When administered correctly, the pellet provides steady, low dosages of hormone that mimics the activity of the human ovary and testicle. Unlike other delivery methods that supply radical quantities, pellets deliver the right amount of hormones that your body needs. Pellet therapy is safe and convenient, but not all pellets are created equal. At Advanced Hormone Solutions, we’re certified in the  SottoPelle® method, offering premium quality and care in pellet development. Our individual customization along with proper testing and diagnosis means you can be sure you’re receiving the best treatment for your needs.