Managing Holiday Stress & Depression

The holidays are upon us, and this year looks a lot different than year’s past.  Under the best of circumstances, the holiday season can cause stress, anxiety, or angst and we are more likely to give into our sugar cravings, drink more alcohol, and increase our caffeine intake.  In turn, these behaviors may lead to skipping exercise routines, loss of sleep, and neglecting our own needs in other ways.

Some tips to managing your holiday induced stress and depression are:

  • Just Breathe. When you wake in the morning, take some deep cleansing breaths and meditate for a few minutes. You may also consider taking quick breaks throughout your day to consciously calm yourself down.  Focus on slow breathing and quieting your mind.
  • Stay Moving. Physical activity boosts your energy levels and reduces anger and tension by releasing endorphins to make you feel good.
  • Eat from the Earth. Fruits and veggies, olive oils and flax seeds, fish and organic chicken, and legumes, nuts, and seeds will all do your body good.  Adding more empty calories will only contribute to your depression and fatigue.
  • Pay it Forward. Doing things for others make you feel good yourself.  Add more compliments to your day, write a thank-you note, smile at people around you.  Act generously!

Still feeling stress and depression this time of year?  Give us a call at 201-225-2525 so we can review your hormone levels.  And remember to listen to your body.  It knows what you need.