Don’t Let Hormone Deficiency Ruin Your Love Life


Hormone loss due to aging is an unfortunate reality everyone must face at some point. For most men and women, hormone production begins to slow in their 40s and continues to diminish until menopause or andropause. That’s when blood levels of estradiol (in women) and testosterone (in both sexes) drop dramatically. The physical, emotional and mental consequences that accompany this hormone deficiency can be devastating and life altering.

One of the most frequent complaints heard by doctors is the loss of sex drive. Other related symptoms often coincide. These can include erectile dysfunction, difficulty getting aroused, decreased pleasure, problems achieving orgasm, pain during sex and others. Sadly, many marriages and relationships suffer in the absence of sexual intimacy.

Symptom Relief Isn’t Enough
Although there’s a big market for erectile dysfunction pills, testosterone gels, vaginal creams and other products, these remedies are not meant to restore your body to balance. They primarily offer relief from a few symptoms. These medications may help you regain the ability to achieve intimacy, but most of the treatments are limited, imperfect and not sustainable for the long run. Some even cause dangerous side-effects.

Restoring Hormonal Balance Is the Key to Revitalizing Your Sexy Side
Every hormone has important tasks to perform. For most of your life, your hormones have operated synergistically as a team to provide you with health and well-being. When one or more are missing, your body’s systems, organs, glands and cells are thrown off kilter. That’s why your sex life has disappeared, you can’t sleep or think clearly and you’ve gained weight and lost motivation.

The good news is you don’t have to live like this. Rather than putting a band aid on it, properly administered bioidentical hormone pellet therapy can help you restore hormonal balance and feel alive again. This method has been around and researched for more than 75 years. Pellet implants have proven to be the most effective and safest method of hormone replacement available when properly administered. It is the only hormone replacement method that works with the body around the clock, for months at a time, to help achieve the hormonal balance that relieves symptoms and restores well-being.

According to thousands of men and women who are already using this treatment, it has helped them regain their lives, recapture sexual intimacy and even save their marriages and relationships. That’s a strong testament as to why hormonal balance (and not just symptom relief) should be the priority for every hormone replacement therapy.

Don’t suffer a minute longer. Call us to schedule a consultation.  We’d be happy to help you regain what you thought was lost forever—not just your love life, but your well-being and joy of living.