5 Reasons Hormone Pellets Are Better Than Pills

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been around for more than 70 years. In 1942, Premarin (an artificial estrogen) was approved by the FDA for the treatment of menopausal hot flashes. Thanks to the book “feminine Forever” by Robert Wilson, full-blown HRT was essentially begun in the 1960s – but didn’t achieve the widespread popularity it has today until the 1990s.

Originally, hormone replacement therapy was administered by daily pills containing synthetic hormones that were made in a laboratory. In addition to being inconvenient to remember every day, lab-created pills had some unwanted (and even dangerous) side effects. Additionally, pills are “one size fits all” and are not customized to a woman’s unique needs.

However, in the early 2000s SottoPelle “bioidentical” hormone replacement therapy was introduced – using 100% natural, plant-derived hormones that are structurally identical to actual human hormones – instead of synthetic products. Bioidentical hormones (including estrogen, and/or testosterone) naturally restore hormone balance, in the same way that the body does when it is functioning properly – safely and without many of the side-effects of synthetics.

#1. Pellets Deliver Hormones Consistently

Hormone “pellets” are tiny implants, placed under the skin, that continuously release small, physiologic doses of hormones.

Pellets, or implants are made up of hormones (such as estrogen and testosterone) that are pressed or fused into very small, solid cylinders. These tiny, time-released pellets (smaller than a grain of rice) are inserted under the skin, to delivers hormones the way the body does – consistently and constantly, as the patient needs them.

Pellets are a superior method of hormone replacement because they avoid the inconvenience of daily pills and prevent the roller coaster “up and down” hormone “surges” that occur with once-daily pills.

#2. Hormone Pellets are More Convenient

In addition to avoiding the hormone fluctuations of other methods of delivery, pellets avoid the need for remembering to take daily pills. A single hormone pellet insertion delivers consistent, healthy levels of hormones for three to four months in women and four to five months in men.

“One-and-done” hormone pellets are also much more convenient than applying messy hormone creams every day – or sticking on unsightly hormone patches every week or two.

Additionally, hormone pellets do not need to be removed. They simply dissolve completely on their own over time.

#3. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Pellets are More Effective

Something as molecularly complex as a human hormone can never be identically duplicated in a lab. So, synthetic hormones are sometimes less-than-effective (and can have dangerous side effects) because they are not an “exact fit” for the body.

But “bioidentical” replacement hormones are derived from 100% natural sources, exactly replicating the molecular structure of the hormones produced by the body. We believe that this makes then much more natural, safer, more effective, and also free of many of the dangerous side effects of synthetics (lab-created) man-made hormones.

Other studies indicate that, when compared to conventional synthetic hormone replacement therapy, bioidentical hormone pallets are superior for relief of menopausal symptoms, mood swings, decreased bone density, sleep problems, low sex drive, and issues with sexual sensation, performance, and enjoyment.

#4. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Pellets are Safer

Older, synthetic (man-made) hormones had many side effects – some of which were quite dangerous. But SottoPelle Hormone pellets are “bioidentical”.

While others may disagree with us, some research shows that bioidentical hormone pellets do not increase the risk of blood clots like conventional or synthetic hormone replacement therapy. Additionally, in some studies, bioidentical progesterone has not been shown to increase the risk of breast cancer like synthetic progestins do.

#5. Hormone Pellets are Customized for Each Patient

While hormone pills are a standard one-size-fits all dosage, hormone pellets are individually dosed and ‘compounded’ for each patient’s unique hormone replacement needs.

A SottoPelle hormone replacement provider will start by identifying each individual patient’s hormone levels (and deficiencies) through very thorough blood testing. Extensive lab work will be conducted to determine which hormones are reduced or out of balance in the patient’s body.

This may include FSH, estrogen/estradiol, and testosterone (free and total) testing for women. Men may be tested for PSA (prostate specific antigen), sensitive estradiol, testosterone, LH, and more prior to starting hormone pellet therapy. Thyroid hormone levels (TSH) may also be evaluated in men and women.

Then, after the patient’s unique hormone profile has been determined, the SottoPelle doctor will personalize a custom hormone replacement therapy program just for them. The hormone replacement pellets will be “compounded” by a pharmacy to contain exactly what that patient needs (and nothing they don’t need) to bring their hormone levels back into near-perfect balance.

This is why many of our SottoPelle patients who have failed to find relief with other types of hormone therapy have experienced success with hormone pellets.

For effectiveness, safety, convenience, and consistency bioidentical hormone pellets are truly the safest and most effective delivery method.

In addition to being 100% natural, SottoPelle bioidentical hormone pellets are “one and done” – lasting up to six months with a single insertion. There are no pills to refill or remember to take, no painful shots, and no patches that fall off and need to be replaced.

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Article created by SottoPelle and used by permission of SottoPelle. Advanced Hormone Solutions is a “Certified” SottoPelle provider