Staying in Shape during Coronavirus

This month marks one full year since the global pandemic began. During the stay-at-home and lockdown mandates, Americans were, on average, 12% less active after this began last March than they were last January. With many places still closed and social distancing still as important as ever, it can be hard to stay focused and stay on target.

You might want to start with a little tune-up. Long periods of immobility can cause tension and tightness in your hips. Getting a massage or visiting a chiropractor can help loosen up stagnant muscles and joints.

It’s important to understand you likely won’t still be at your previous fitness level, and that’s okay. Don’t overdo it by picking up where you left off. Focus on the small victories as you work up to your previous intensity.

A great way to be active, and stay distanced, is to walk or cycle to work if possible. If you’re working from home, use your old commuting time to walk or jog around the block. And don’t forget to hydrate. A good rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day.

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