The Impacts of a Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalances occur when we have either too much or too little of a certain hormone. Some hormonal levels are meant to fluctuate throughout our lives, while other fluctuations could be the result of an endocrine issue.

Hormonal imbalances affect both men and women. Some common symptoms are:
– Weight gain or weight loss
– Fatigue
– Muscle weakness, aches, tenderness, or stiffness
– Joint pain
– Increase in sensitivity to heat or cold
– Depression
– Decreased sex drive or infertility
– Nervousness, anxiety, or irritability
– Rounded or puffiness in the face

The presence of some or any of these conditions doesn’t necessarily mean you’re experiencing a hormone imbalance. If you suspect your hormones could be to blame, give us a call at 201-225-2525 to schedule your consultation. Let’s make 2021 your best year yet.