BHRT for Improved Sleep

As we age, menopause and perimenopause can wreak havoc on our bodies.  A low-dose bio-identical hormone replacement therapy regimen has been shown to improve sleep quality.  Estrogen replacement may help women fall asleep faster, reduce nighttime awakenings, strengthen sleep cycles, and boost REM sleep.  All of these may improve cognitive function which can suffer with sleep deprivation.

It can be a vicious cycle.  Sleep deprivation affects hormone levels, which in turn affects how we sleep.  When our hormone levels suddenly spike or plummet, sleep is often disrupted.  Women are susceptible to these hormonal imbalances during their menstrual cycle, during and after pregnancy, and around menopause.  Night sweats may also contribute to poor sleep.  When our hormones are imbalanced, our body temperature can shift drastically causing hot flashes and night sweats.

BHRT can help mitigate these symptoms and result in better sleep quality in particular, and improved quality of life in general.  By replacing the hormones we may no longer be making properly, we can experience not only better sleep but also reduced migraines and reduced restless leg syndrome which can also contribute to poor sleep.

If you feel your hormone levels may be to blame for your sleep deprivation, give our office a call at 201-225-2525 to schedule your consultation.  Let us help get you back to living your best life.