Simple Steps Toward a Healthier You

It’s easy to be overwhelmed with change, and changing parts of your routine can seem daunting.  Keep it simple.  A few small steps can make a huge difference in our overall health and well-being.

  • Eliminate clutter.  A cluttered environment can impact our brains, and ultimately our health and wellness.  Clutter is akin to emotional baggage.  And while you’re cleaning your closet, clean your cupboards, too.  Rid yourself of things that aren’t good for you.
  • Add Water. You’ve heard it before, over and over, and it’s still true.  Drink more water.  It will keep you hydrated, eliminate toxins, and get your body working more efficiently.
  • Stop Complaining. And start creating.  Set clear goals, and work toward them.  Setting achievable goals, and reaching them, gives us a boost of confidence to tackle bigger and more challenging tasks.
  • Take 10 minutes. Do something small, just for you, every single day.  Whether that’s drinking your favorite tea, reading a chapter of a book, meditating… it doesn’t matter.  Make sure you’re devoting time to yourself.
  • Stay in Motion. Exercise keeps you fit, boosts your mood, and even improves your sex drive. It’s doesn’t really matter what you’re doing as long as you stay moving.
  • Eat Your Veggies. Make sure you’re including vegetables in your daily diet.  Give your body that boost of vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy and energized.
  • Get Some Shut-Eye. Most people need eight full hours every night.  Sleep reduces stress and inflammation and allows our body to repair itself.  Unplug from your devices at least one hour before bedtime to help you get optimal rest.


It’s a new year, and a new decade.  Now is the time to create a new you.  Do the things you’ve been putting off.  Make those changes.