Has Your Sex Drive Decreased? BHRT Can Help.

A hormonal imbalance can affect both men and women as we age. Your libido is based on many things, including physical and emotional health, experiences, lifestyle, and your current relationship. A change or issues in any of these can affect your desire for sex.

Symptoms of low sex drive may include:
• Little to no interest in any type of sexual activity
• Never or seldom fantasizing about sex
• Being concerned by your lack of sexual activity and fantasies

Hormonal changes that occur naturally as we age can play a big role. Low testosterone in men or low estrogen in women can cause a loss of interest in sexual intimacy. If this is the case, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy may be the answer for you.

BHRT is structurally identical to the hormones produced by our bodies, so there are little to no side effects such as those you would see with synthetic hormone treatments. Nutrition and exercise play a role as well, so it’s important to modify your diet and be active to help your treatment be as successful as possible.

If you or your partner feel you may be experiencing a low libido due to a decrease in hormones, give us a call at 201-225-2525 to schedule your consultation. Let’s get your relationship back on track.