Menopause Related Cognitive Impairment

As women begin menopause, they may begin to experience some cognitive impairment, which may be mis-diagnosed as “mild cognitive impairment,” an early warning sign for dementia.  However, this menopause related cognitive impairment is often treatable with hormone replacement therapy.

Symptoms of menopause related cognitive impairment are very similar to a chemo related brain fog, including trouble with short-term memory, multitasking, coming up with words, and outing cogent thoughts together.  This condition happens to women in their 40s and 50s who are otherwise in the prime of life.  While estrogen begins to decline around 45, women may not become postmenopausal until age 50 or later.  It is important to consider menstrual history and hormone levels when searching for a diagnosis, as this can often be attributed to a thyroid disease or vitamin deficiency.

In a study spanning six years and including 1,903 women in midlife, menopause-related symptoms such as depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and hit flashes did not account for a decline in memory, learning, or how the brain processes information.

Menopause-related cognitive issues should not compromise your quality of life.  Be proactive in your treatment and diagnosis.  Give us a call at (201)225-2525 to schedule your consultation.  You deserve to live your best life.